Once when I started to take Valium, I got up completely sober the next day. Everything was fine. I went for a walk and found out that I was drowsy after 5 hours the next day. It was summer. I wanted to lie down on the grass and relax. And I experienced pure bliss, frantic peace and detachment from all problems. But it lasted not long. Sometimes it happened that I felt completely sober and healthy on the following day, though I hadn’t accepted alcohol. On the 3rd day I felt drowsy, although the drug hadn’t been taken for 2 days. However, valium diazepam causes not only dependence, but also destroys the brain, the psyche in combination with alcohol. Then mixture of 5-8 tablets and alcohol like liqueur, vodka can cause a coma.

Marfan Syndrome Awareness

This video focuses on recognising the signs and symptoms of Marfan syndrome, including recognising / suspecting an aortic dissection in an emergency situation and best treatment practices.

A combination of audio and visual production techniques have been used from interviews with Marfan experts, visual diagrams and interviews with actual individuals and families affected by real life experiences (a family touched by a tragic outcome and a lifesaving outcome).